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This is what others had to say about their experience in my workshops and classes.

"Synnøve is a good guide, and you can tell she has done her Yoga. She has a unique calmness and presence which made me feel safe, and I could relax although there were many people in the room. She has a comfortable voice, and I feel I could rest into it and focus on the poses, the breathing techniques and the visualizations' ' - Jørn. 

"Synnøve met me and the others with a smile that could melt a rock, I felt unique and welcome from the first moment. She guided us in a very comfortable and easy way. I liked the tempo and the rhythm, my pulse sank, I felt calm and my mind felt cleansed. The body and the mind felt stronger, I slept better, and I really found the meditations relaxing. It was way over all of my expectations, and I am so happy Synnøve was the teacher” - Elisabeth.

"Although I don't know Synnøve very well, the few times I have met her she has quickly gained my trust. This has allowed me to fully immerse myself in everything her Yoga has to offer. Whether it is Yin, Nidra, or a circle she is guiding, it is always a pleasure. She is authentic, and keeps it real, and at the same time keeps it holy. She has a beautiful voice, which makes it easy to let her in and do what she does best, which is to hold space!" - Morten.

"I have had the honor to be held by Synnøve many times, both as a friend and as a yoga teacher. She flows between these roles with grace and effortlessly. She sees everyone as sisters and brothers. You know those people who have green fingers? Well, Synnøve has yellow fingers. As the sun, and she makes you melt down to the earth, where you can be nurtured and then rise as a plant. With a tender, soft voice and touch your inner child is allowed to open up. It is not many I allow to hold me in the way I allow Synnøve to hold me. I can not recommend her enough, if something in you whispers “yes, I should do this' ' give yourself this gift” - Kristine.

"If you need a place to breathe, and fill yourself with love, I highly recommend Synnøves classes” -Stina.

"Yoga with Synnøve is like a retreat for the body, mind and soul. It is holistic, honest and human. It is down to earth, where I can land and have full trust to whatever arises from it. I trust that what comes up will be good for me. Thank you for everything you are, and gives” - Ida

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