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Wall of feminine

Inspirations, collaborations and women who have inspired me to continue opening the heart to life.



This is Isa. She was my Yoga teacher from the getgo. And you know what they say? "Work with those who are better than yourself". So I will work with Isa 14-17 th of sept, at balestrand hotell. Stay tuned for updates, we will soon launch more info about it. She will play and sing for us, she loves to sing. She is good at it, although she believed for a long time she wasn't. She will hold yoga classes as well, I highly value her work, and all of her widsom about South- Amerika, ceremonies, rituals and cacao!



This is Zohar and me. We met travelling in Mexico, where we were on a mission to be happy, healthy and holy. I think we found all of those things in each other. Zohar is a certified Ashtanga and Vinyasa teacher, which means that she know how to make your body become balanced, strong and relaxed. And she is an amazing person as well. She will teach with me 21-24 th of July at Balestrand hotell. Save the date, because we really want to see you there.



This godess is the owner of the yogastudio Tid for Yoga at Bryggen in Bergen. It is the best yogastudio in Bergen if you ask me, she gave me my first job as an yoga teacher. She has helped me plan workshops and one retreat. I haven't held space with her yet, but I know I will. She is a wonderful teacher, I have learned a lot about movement, anatomy, silence and meditation from her. She belongs her one this "wall of us", because she is in my heart in all of my classes.



Oda is a peaceful soul who has transformed her childhood traumas into love and self- compassion. She holds beautiful circles and space, and has inspired me to sing, chant, teach and me more connected to my inner creativity and light. She is such an amazing woman.

Wall of feminine: Past Events
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